Reliance Methods

At Reliance Methods, we advise organizations on strategic ways to transform their work environment. There is an art to creating a productive, engaged workforce and workplace, and we’ll show you how it works. We help you design the processes policies, and systems to jumpstart your workplace and help connect you with the talent.

Meet the Leadership Team

We have built a dream team of professionals, all of whom have extensive experience
creating forward-thinking workplace strategy and effective talent infrastructures.

Tynesia Boyea‑Robinson

President & CEO

Tynesia Boyea Robinson is the President and CEO of Reliance Methods. Prior to launching Reliance Methods, she was the founding executive director of Year Up, National Capital Region, a nonprofit committed to providing significant growth opportunities for underserved young adults. Her wide range of experiences in information technology, Six Sigma, and international business development made her a valuable asset to the Year Up team. She has led growth from a class of twenty-two students and eight corporate partners in 2006 to a class of nearly five hundred students and more than three hundred corporate partners in 2009. A performance-assessment tool that she created for Year Up was recognized by the Bridgespan Group as an industry best practice.

Prior to joining Year Up, Tynesia held leadership roles in several business units at General Electric. She was responsible for integrating processes, policies, and more than two hundred employees into GE Mortgage Insurance. Earlier in her career, she led several eBusiness and process-improvement projects at GE Transportation Systems. In addition to her work responsibilities, Tynesia was the community service chair for the GE African American Forum and a mentor to young adults through various community and faith-based groups.

Tynesia, who holds a dual degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Duke University, received her MBA from Harvard Business School, where she won the Harvard Student Association MBA Award, played the lead in their annual musical satire, and was a founding member of the HBS student group Business Plan for Black America (BPBA), commissioned by the NAACP to improve education, economics, and opportunities for disadvantaged African Americans.